quinta-feira, 6 de outubro de 2016


Welcome back, IT people! 

Read the text below in order to remember our last class. 

The steps in website development

First, discuss with the customer their requirements and the target audience. Find out what features and number of pages they want on their site. Secondly, analyze the information from the customer. Thirdly, create a website specification. Then design and develop the website. After that, assign a specialist to write the website content. Next give the project to programmers for HTML coding. Finally, test the website. After you publish the website, update and maintain it on an ongoing basis. Monitor customer use.

Now, give your opinion about the following:

If you could create a webpage, how would you design your personal website? What graphics, images and colors would you use? What would you say in your text? How many pages would you have? How would you organize the links on your navigation bar to show the different pages?