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Last class we talked about buildings, facilities, rooms, properties. We started our lesson by watching a video about one of the most famous buildings in the world: CN TOWER, in Toronto, Canada. Now you have the opportunity to get more information about it. Read the article below, then write about what you consider very interesting about that. Enjoy!!

The CN Tower is a communications and observation tower in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Standing 553.33 metres (1,815.4 ft) tall, it was completed in 1976, becoming the world´s tallest free-standing structure and world´s tallest tower at the time. It held both records for 34 years until the completion of the Burj Khalifa and Canton Tower. It remains the tallest free-standing structure in the western hemisphere, a signature icon of Toronto's skyline, and a symbol of Canada, attracting more than two million international visitors annually.

Its name "CN" originally referred to Canadian National, the railway company that built the tower.  Since the name CN Tower became common in daily usage, the abbreviation was eventually expanded to Canadian National Tower or Canada's National Tower. However, neither of these names is commonly used. In 1995, the CN Tower was declared one of the modern Seven Wonders of the World by the American Society of Civil Engineers. 

The CN Tower consists of several substructures. The main portion of the tower is a hollow concrete hexagonal pillar containing the six elevators, stairwells, and power and plumbing connections. On top of this is a 102-metre (334.6 ft) tall metal broadcast antenna, carrying TV and radio signals. There are two visitor areas: the main deck level (formerly known as SkyPod) located at 346 metres (1,135 ft), and the higher Sky Pod (formerly known as "Space Deck") at 446.5 metres (1,465 ft), just below the metal antenna. The hexagonal shape can be seen between the two areas; however, below the main deck, three large supporting legs give the tower the appearance of a large tripod.

The main deck level is seven storeys, some of which are open to the public. Below the public areas — at 338 metres (1,108.9 ft) — is a large white donut-shaped radome containing the structure's microwave receivers. The glass floor and outdoor observation deck are at 342 metres (1,122.0 ft). The glass floor has an area of 24 square metres (258 sq ft) and can withstand a pressure of 4,100 kilopascals (595 psi). 

The floor's thermal glass units are 64 millimetres (2.5 in) thick, consisting of a pane of 25-millimetre (1.0 in) laminated glass, 25 millimetres (1.0 in) airspace and a pane of 13-millimetre (0.5 in) laminated glass. Some people experience acrophobia when standing on the glass floor and looking down at the ground 342 metres (1,122.0 ft) below. In 2008, one elevator was upgraded to add a glass floor panel, believed to have the highest vertical rise of any elevator equipped with this feature. The Horizons Cafe and the lookout level are at 346 metres (1,135.2 ft). The 360 Restaurant, a revolving restaurant that completes a full rotation once every 72 minutes, is at 351 metres (1,151.6 ft). When the tower first opened, it also featured a disco named Sparkles, billed as the highest disco and dance floor in the world.

The Sky Pod is the second-highest public observation deck in the world, surpassed only by the Shanghai World Financial Center. On a clear day, it is possible to see 100 to 120 kilometres (62–75 mi) away, to the city of Rochester across Lake Ontario in the United States, the mist rising from Niagara Falls, or the shores of Lake Simcoe.


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  2. To start this conversation about CN Tower, it´s impossible not to say how touched I become everytime I remember the day I went there: last year, on June 29th. I was very surprised about how high that skyscraper was!! It was so giant, enormous that a short person like me almost disappears close to that, hehe. When you go into the tower, you take the elevators to go "up(thousands of) stairs". It really takes a long time to reach the top, where you can see the glass floor and have amazing sightseeing. I felt afraid and my legs were shaking when I was on the glass floor, that´s pretty high, you really feel like you´re falling down!!
    To sum up, I´d like to say that everything I saw at CN Tower, I´ll never forget for my entire life!!! Hope you can also go there one day.

  3. hello teacher, well ... I still do not know much about the CN Tower.
    Hmm what can I say about it?!?
    It is a construction giant, It really very beautiful.
    Who's afraid of heights will never be on top of that glass looking down ... .. shuashuashuas
    The view from up there is wonderful ...
    I was willing to go to it
    This is
    See you

    Camila Ap

  4. Hi teacher, how are you?

    I do not have the courage to climb this building, you are very brave.

    The view is beautiful!!!


  5. Hello teacher!

    Very nice your pictures!

    I would like to one day can visit this place.

    But, I have fear of heights... lol


  6. this photo is much bautiful.

  7. Hi teacher!!!!!!

    We also want !!!!!!!

    Very nice!!!!!

    I love adventures, it really is a beautiful place!!!!!!!

  8. "In 1995, the CN Tower was declared one of the modern Seven Wonders of the World by the American Society of Civil Engineers."

    Very interesting, this building is really the highest in the world, deserves to be among the seven wonders of the modern world,


  9. hellow!!!

    This place is very beautiful and someday I want to be there...



  10. The teacher was wonderful in the photos! ;D

  11. Hi teacher,here I am...then tha CN Tower is very vey beutiful and giant!
    I woant walk on the glass to know if isresistant.kk
    I like emotions!! and of places interesting and challeging!!
    I dont know the camila speak but let here my mark!!
    I woant skiing in snow!!!When have money took to Canada.!!
    I love you CANADA!!! ^.^

    Until the next.


  12. Hi teacher, ok?

    Beautiful pictures!!!
    Toronto also like to know because it has a privileged landscape. The tower is fantastic.

    A hug!!!

  13. Hi, teacher...

    Well, I loved to know the wonderful history of this building... It looks incredible....

    Now I wanna travel to Canada ta see it... I would like to go there because it's very beautiful and the pictures are wonderful. The view is great....

    Teacher, his face was very nice of fear... So,I think I am became me a expert about this building....See you...

  14. Adriana Bertoc de Andrade6 de outubro de 2011 08:04

    this place is very beautiful and you had so much courage, I love the building kisses

  15. The CN Tower is very beautiful,when I go to Canada for sure I will visit the world's most famous tower!Your photos are very beautiful

  16. What a beautiful place, and the photos are beautiful

    Natália Borges

  17. Andressa da Silva Santos6 de outubro de 2011 08:13

    Hi teacher, how are you?
    I like much this building!
    One day i willalso visit the CN tower.
    So long!!!

  18. According to the pictures, it worthwhiles to face fear of heights.
    It's very wonderful! :)
    Cristina Adnicia

  19. Hello teacher!

    I believe that visit the CN Tower is exciting, a real adventure.
    The building has an innovative proposal,different.
    It is no coincidence that is considered one of the modern Seven Wonders of the World by the American Society of Civil Engineers.
    Very interesting !!!

  20. well teacher...
    beautiful your pictures
    I'm going to Canada when I have money hehe

    Michele Duarte

  21. Hi,teacher.
    I wouldn't have courage to go in the glass floor, I'm much fear,CN Tower is a beautiful place, but is more tall

  22. Canada is a place wonderful.

  23. Karen

    Hello teacher, i'dont speak english very nice but i go try here ok? without the help of google kkk

    Good, I liked of your blog is very interesting, and here i can see various things about our activity in class, and this é very good for the students of english, very cool and instructive and informative.

  24. First photos are beautiful;then I could ascend to the top floor and jump with a parachute.The third photo, I would do a paiting.And stunning views.


  25. Hi, teacher!!!
    The CN Tower is Beautiful, I would like to travel to Canada. There is a country very special to me, because my dream is know it.
    I can see this blog how enables to learn more about this culture.


  26. I will never go on the building so high because I fear the height!

  27. OMG
    It's to high!!! There's so many glass.
    It's really pretty.
    I liked the restaurant. 72 minutes to see all in a turn. Did you have lunch there teacher?!

    I wanna go...


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  29. Teacher good evening! The CN Tower's very beautiful, is a wonderful place! But I think I would that infarction is very high! But is a spectacular place, reward fear, maybe someday! KISSES ...LIDIANE

  30. HI teacher and people
    I was surprise whith the design the beautiful the edifice is the height that is frightening.
    Teacher you are much courageous because.I would not have courage,because i have afraid the height teacher,but i think much cool your courage.
    Congratulations bye bye.

  31. Teacher beautiful place! I hope you go to more places like this. Beautiful!

  32. Hi Teacher The CN Tower's very beautiful, is a wonderful place! But I think I would is very fear high!
    KISSES ...

  33. Hello teacher his courage really is amazing, but worth it because the pictures were beautiful and the tower .... wonderful ..
    bye kisses

  34. Teacher, congratulations. I don't have courage for this. I like 3rd picture, beatifull!