quinta-feira, 6 de outubro de 2016


Welcome back, IT people! 

Read the text below in order to remember our last class. 

The steps in website development

First, discuss with the customer their requirements and the target audience. Find out what features and number of pages they want on their site. Secondly, analyze the information from the customer. Thirdly, create a website specification. Then design and develop the website. After that, assign a specialist to write the website content. Next give the project to programmers for HTML coding. Finally, test the website. After you publish the website, update and maintain it on an ongoing basis. Monitor customer use.

Now, give your opinion about the following:

If you could create a webpage, how would you design your personal website? What graphics, images and colors would you use? What would you say in your text? How many pages would you have? How would you organize the links on your navigation bar to show the different pages? 

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  1. Jucelino Santos Silva RA: 155078141102822 de novembro de 2016 12:09

    If I were to create a webpage, I would follow the steps outlined above and with this information, I would add the content at the beginning and then how it will be exposed. I would have the necessary amount, I can not say, because it depends on the problem. I would probably organize the links in the menu at the top of the page.

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    1. Vinicius Da Silva Barbosa
      RA: 1550781511013, 4th Semester.

      If i were create my own webpage i probably will design it with an dark theme, the text will be about games or music, the number of pages will depends of what i'll talk about and the Topics I will address, the organization of the links will be on top with a menu bar or aligned to the left.

  3. Bruno Amaral Da Silva Ra:1550781511013 4th Semester

    Hard question to answer considering that i don't like making web pages, but studding about it i have already made one, so i will answer how it were, it were an kind of showcase for book that i already read(an way to talk about it and review it), it had an home page,with a menu to choose from all the possible reviews of the books, and then one page for each book.
    all the pages had dark tones,cause when a made the webpage i was reading a book called "The Dark Tower" so inspired by it i made dark tones, with white in some parts, representing something about the lore of the book(if i say more about it, it would be spoilers so i will end the colors talk here :P).the content itself were an summary from the books, to be more specific Short summary from the plot, a synopsis about the main characters, and then, what i think about the book,as well as my review of it.

  4. Eric Santana Okasaki, RA:1550781511004, 4th Semester

    So, in my "TCC" of Internet computing, my group create a website, and I like so much, we used Paralax effect and all site is in only page, the menu ever in top of page (Hover effect), and the images are slightly blurred and darkened, the icons collored drew attention. I loved this site.