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Hello, folks!

Our post today is about our classes related to MARKETING AND ADVERTISING.

Resultado de imagem para marketing and advertising

Let´s use our creativity then! Imagine that you have capital to invest in your own business. Try to write a brief marketing plan for your new company including itens like the following ones:

1. Company name:
2. Product /service name:
3. Target market:
4. Business strategy:
5. Price of the product/service:
6. Types of advertising:

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  1. Hello guys !

    Thinking as a manager, I would create a marketing plan with the goal of showing the company's competence, excellence and dedication to the clients, in order to increase the demand, make the brand visibility bigger and better known!

    1. Company name: The Power of Makeup.

    2. Product /service name: Makeups, specifically lipsticks.

    3. Target market: Women and men of attitude and boldness.

    4. Business strategy: Business strategies focus on the research of economic, sociocultural, external and internal factors, market positioning, product information, price among others.

    5. Price of the product/service: on average $ 30.

    6. Types of advertising: Advertising in social networks and fashion magazines.

    Thanks for all the wonderful experience this course has given us,teacher Paula,you are an incredible person! I really enjoyed all the activities *-*

    1. Wow!!! Awesome company! I´d love buying all your products, because I love makeup!!! This is a pretty nice marketing plan. I´m sure teacher Priscila would certainly approve that! Thank you for your hard-work and dedication!

  2. EDSON - GECOM 5 NOITE4 de dezembro de 2017 16:46

    I would like to produce ice creams because this product is linked to joy and childhood.
    It is a branch that requires good planning and high investment, with area delimitation. There is a greater risk because it is a seasonal product.
    1-Company Name: Dori Ice Cream
    2-Products: Ice creams and popsicle
    3-Target Market: Childrens, adults and adolecents
    4-Business strategy: Manufactures and own store in the region of the high tiete with wholesale for markets, bakeries and snack bars of good location.
    5-Price of the product/service:Price will be composed of fixed and variable costs, plus 30 percent of profitability, which may vary according to the city.
    6-Types of advertising: Providing branded displays and refrigerators and promotional material for point of sale. Publicity of the brand in social networks, face, youtube and own site. Quality product at a fair price.

    1. Delicious!!! Ice-creams are always a NEED for certain human beings, like me, for example, hahahha. Great plan! It would be a great success.

  3. Nome da empresa: Perfumery Style
    Nome do produto / serviço: Cosmetics, hair products, personal hygiene, organic products, antiallergics.
    Mercado alvo: Middle-class men and women.
    Estratégia de negócios: Perfumery Style's strategy is to offer efficient and effective products to care for / maintain the beauty of men and women, with fair prices, and an excellent after-sale.
    Preço do produto / serviço: There is a very wide variety of products, and you can get up to US$ 300 a complete kit.
    Tipos de publicidade: Official website, and magazines specializing in cosmetics.

    1. Very good idea, Joseph Peter, rsrs. Thank God people are getting more and more careful about appearance, hygiene and care. It´s a better and more beautiful world coming if your company succeeds.

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